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Sheila is an amazing executive coach and approaches her coaching engagements with tremendous empathy, openness and care. She brings in a unique blend of expertise, tools and techniques, pulling from her own corporate background together with ontological and wellness coaching practices. I was fortunate for Sheila to coach me, she successfully guided me through complex work challenges, picking up on subtle signals and prompting me to further dive into issues, thus allowing for a shift in perspective and heightened awareness of self. I would highly recommend Sheila to professionals seeking to thrive through a holistic approach which combines mind and body.

Sandra, Client based in Singapore 

Sheila was an excellent coach. She was easy to talk to and immediately made me feel comfortable. Her best quality is that she patiently listens with empathy and suggests to explore solutions given your situation. For me Sheila was like my inner voice interacting with me. I would highly recommend her. 

Client based in Dubai

With the pandemic, work life has blended into home life for me. The additional stress triggered a lot of negative emotions in me and have also stifle my creativity at work and in general. I reached out to Sheila in January 2021 to lead a series of 3 Mindfulness sessions over Zoom for my friends and me. The sessions were a great mix of practice and theory that Sheila delivered effortlessly. Sheila has a very nurturing presence and created a safe and comfortable environment for our practice. She also shared with us some quick mindfulness exercises that we could even do in between meetings and even during mealtime. I use the walking meditation a lot now, especially when I get exhausted from being in back-to-back meetings or when I get triggered by a bad discussion. I can bring myself back to a calmer state more quickly with each practice. Thank You Sheila for showing me the many ways one can practice mindfulness and how it can help in our daily lives.

A.Wong, Client based in Singapore

Sheila's yoga class has been the only class I have managed to consistently go to over the past year. She makes the class both relaxing and energizing at the same time. Regardless of what mood or physical state I'm in, I can attend her class because Sheila supports you no matter what. Sheila's accepting, open and nurturing style of teaching has helped me through some tough emotional times and as an additional benefit I am learning yoga! Thanks Sheila!






Evey, Client based in Singapore

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