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You're here because you're ready to make lasting changes in your life. Whether that's exploring your health and wellness vision, navigating complex work challenges, embarking on a significant transition, or brainstorming what's next, you're seeking a renewed sense of energy, clarity, and perspective in a safe environment. 

People find coaching effective in generating new possibilities. Outcomes could include increased self-confidence, better relationships with others and self, practices and strategies for being a more effective leader, and enhanced communication skills.  

I believe that you are a fully resourceful and whole individual who is capable of achieving what matters to you. My clients appreciate that I prioritize compassion, results, and independence in their growth and transformation. 

If this sounds like the support you've been seeking, let's start with a clarity call to get clear on your goals and plan how I can best support you!




We'll kick things off with a conversation to get to know each other, what you'd like to achieve, and how we'll work together.  



We'll unpack where you're starting from, why this matters now, what is driving you to make these changes, and what you are committed to creating throughout our journey and beyond. 



We'll identify actions that you can start taking to make your goals a reality. Specificity is key! We'll define what's been getting in your way and tap into other areas to ensure you're well supported. 



We'll come together in a closing session to reflect on where you started, where you are now, how to maintain what you've created, and most importantly, celebrate and honor the journey! 



I apply the principles and ethics of Ontological Coaching, Performance Coaching, Health and Wellness Coaching, Yoga, Mindfulness, and Usui Reiki to support you in your biggest transformation yet.


For those needing flexibility in when and where they are, I offer virtual coaching. Busy clients may prefer this option, which allows for ease and fluidity in your transformation.


I support companies as an associate coach for their programs, and corporations as a coach on-retainer. I adapt to the goals of the company and individuals they invest in.

Helping Hand

I'm constantly training and learning to more skillfully support my clients.
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Sheila is an amazing intuitive coach who helped me reconnect with my inner voice. I came to her at a time of having to surmount a huge challenge and needed to find my strength and voice. Through a combination of body movements, conversation and emotional work, Sheila helped me to slowly tune down the noise to find clarity and vision. She listens with the wholeness of her being, and that allowed me to express myself fully and realize new truths in the process. She held space for uncertainty and exploration, and I walk away from her sessions feeling refreshed and energized towards my goals. I couldn't have thanked her enough for her curiosity, openness, and compassion. This is a coach who will really expand your capacity as a human being to feel, love, and move.

Client based in Singapore

Sheila was the first coach I've had, and she was thoroughly intuitive, insightful, and respectful. She quickly grasped that I am a visual learner, and soon enough, we were using different imagery to explore topics and "crystalize" subsequent insights. Sheila is an embodied person – she was able to, through remote meetings, help me be more grounded and mindful through facilitating quick meditations during our sessions. I always walk away from our sessions feeling energized and having a clearer mind. I have gained a lot from our sessions, and think (and feel) that I have grown as a person even with just a few sessions. I highly recommend Sheila without hesitation!

Client based in New York City, USA

Sheila was an amazing coach that really supported me in a major life decision. She was warm, empathetic, non-judgmental, and fully present physically and emotionally throughout our sessions. She asked me some thought provoking questions and made me do some exercises that helped me go deeper into my issues and expanded my self awareness dramatically. As a result, I had much more clarity and courage to make the decision, which I have not regretted ever since. I would definitely work with her again in the future without any hesitation!

Albert Atinon, client based in Singapore


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Reconnect with your essence through an abundant combination of theory and practice to bring yourself into a calmer and generative state of mind, body, and soul. 


Flow through connected movement and breathing personalized just for you to create a renewed sense of joy and satisfaction. 


Promote internal harmony through this energy modality that creates deep relaxation and helps the body release tension and stress. 

My coaching is supported by mindfulness, yoga, and Usui Reiki techniques and methodologies. If you feel one of these sessions is what you need right now, please book a clarity call to discuss further. I'm here with you. 

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